5 x 5 Reset

Are you low on energy?

Are you craving candy and sugary desserts?

Want to kick your soda habit to the curb but don’t know where to start?

Do you need a boost to jump start your weight loss? Or have you hit a plateau and need that extra push to get you moving closer to your goal?

Maybe you are always sick, feel run down, and tired all the time?

Brain in a fog? Having trouble focusing? Memory where you left your keys?

Maybe it’s the belly fat or bloating that won’t go away!

The 5×5 Reset Plan is designed to help you kickstart a healthier, leaner you.

It will help you reset your cravings, sleep better, feel more energized and lose a few pounds all without going hungry.
Anyone can do something for five days, right? Just go to to see how it will help you.


You may know you need to make healthier choices but you don’t know where to start. I get it, and therefore inform you that protein promo has covered each diet plan!

If you were like me in the beginning, you might be feeling overwhelmed BUT you don’t have to!

My 5 X 5 Reset is a great place to start and has proven results!


Here’s what a few of my clients said after their very first detox!

I do feel like I have more energy with this plan. Amazing.- Connie N.


Found my scale to be 6 lbs lighter and my body to be 10 in. smaller at the end of the 5 days. I am shocked! But will try to continue doing something because I found out that I CAN DO IT.- Erin B.


I had self disciplines of right choices, establishing better dietary habits and practicing self restraint! Thanks Kim for your words of encouragement & coaching! – Susan F.


Ended our week with Joe losing 7 lbs (and going down a notch on his belt!) and myself losing 5 lbs. We both felt it really wasn’t as hard as what we thought it would be, we had days where we were hungry but we pushed thru. Definitely worth it! Even starting my day out today with my detox tea….going to be a crazy busy day so I need that boost that I’ve grown to like this week!  – Ashley D


Woke up excited to weigh in and take measurements this morning! I lost 2.2 lbs and a total of 4.5 inches and Paul lost 9.6 lbs and a total of 3.5 inches and both feel a difference in our clothes. Perfect jump start to a healthier lifestyle!- Corrie D.


Drumroll please….I lost 6.6 lbs and a total of 4″! Mark lost 9.6 lbs and a total of 4″! – Jennifer M.


I did well…lost 4.5 lbs and didn’t feel hungry at all. I haven’t had a soda this week and that’s really good for me and I was surprised I didn’t have a headache. I stuck to the plan and felt really good about the week.- Kim C.


I felt it went well. I really didn’t crave anything, not even chocolate. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t WANT some. But, I do have chocolate in the house, and I’m not even tempted.- Steph W.


I was surprised that I really wasn’t hungry or trying to figure out what I could eat next! – Wanda C.


Detoxing during my birthday week wasn’t one of my better ideas. However I still lost 3 pounds and am now addicted to lemon water. – Ronna F.


Kim, this has been a piece of cake!! I’m doing great and feeling great!! I’ve had awesome results already. I can’t wait to share them with you. There are a lot of things that I will do differently after this week. I felt good before this cleanse. Now Wow!! Thank you and your hubby for all of the hard work you both have done to help us all.- Mark M.


What’s the 5 Day Reset Plan?

The plan is simple to follow… Use 5 products, for 5 days

During the 5×5 Reset you’ll eliminate all processed foods, sugar, alcohol and caffeinated drinks.

Instead you’ll incorporate five specialized products into your daily schedule and eat all of the raw veggies your heart desires.

I  promise you won’t go hungry!


3 nutrient-rich protein smoothies

Plenty of water

3 balanced supplements

Energizing detox teas

Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables


After you finish the 5 day Reset, you’ll begin reintroducing foods into your diet,while continuing to take the detoxifying supplements for the rest of the month, for an ongoing gentle cleanse.

Yes that’s right.. This plan starts with a 5 day Reset but continues on for a full 30 days!


15 Delicious Smoothies

Packed with protein, fiber and tons of nutrients! These smoothies also have pre and probiotics right in the mix to help regulate your digestion and boost your immunity.

28 Energizing teas

Tell your afternoon energy drink habit goodbye! This tea will curb your cravings, give you healthy energy, and support your immune system with green tea and antioxidants.

Detoxifying Supplements

Including Alfalfa and Herb Lax that activate your body to naturally detox and eliminate those toxins.

Support from a Health Coach

You’ll have access to a private Facebook group where the I will provide you with coaching, support, and lots of encouragement to see you through.

You’ll get step-by-step guides, recipes, snack ideas as well as tips to help you through this journey.

In addition you’ll get a free HealthPrint Assessment when you complete the 5 days.

The cost for the 30 day program is ONLY $158 + tax (if your state requires it)

If you don’t feel a noticeable difference after 5 days, I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Many people find that they’re more energized, sleeping better,are a few pounds lighter, and their belly has shrunk.

I can’t wait to see what your results will be!

Here are a few more results.

I just finished the 5X5 reset, and am sleeping so much better, I wake up deeply rested, and ready for the day! Amazing, after finishing up the 5X5 Reset, I have lost, over 10 inches!!- Caroln N

I felt great after I did my first Reset. Now anytime I have an important event or an upcoming vacation and need to get rid of some belly fat I use it to look my best. The 5×5 is my “new normal” to get back on track after a vacation or holiday festivity as well. It’s simple and I love it! – Charlene F.

I never knew that I was lacking energy until I completed a 5 day reset! And who does not want more energy? Love the way I felt. I loved learning new ways to make smoothies and veggies! – Dawn O.


If you are sitting on the fence about whether you should do this or not…seriously, just say YES!

This program has proven results, tons of science and is absolutely fun!

Fill out the form below and One of my  Client Care Team members will connect with you to customize the flavors in your kit!

YES.. all products are gluten free, dairy free, nut free, Non GMO, contain NO artificial sweetners or preservatives and go beyond organic 🙂

I am looking forward to coaching you towards your transformation to a healthier life!

Here’s to Healthy, Happy, Hopeful Living!

 I Can’t wait to coach you!


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