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6 month check up September 25,2012

6 month check up September 25,2012

Written Oct 3, 2012 7:02am

Had a pre-chemo 6 month check up last week with lab draw. That went well. It was just routine..but what happened before my appointment made me again in awe of God’s perfect timing and confirmation of one of His many calls on my life.  I don’t know if you have read all of my earlier journal entries or not. One of the first things that I heard God tell me after my diagnosis two and one-half years ago…is that I had a choice!  I could choose to cry, complain and be depressed about the Lymphoma diagnosis OR I could see that I was chosen to have cancer. God ENTRUSTED me with that that I could use it for HIS purpose! I chose the latter.  Why? Because I trust Him! I know this life is only fleeting and what I do now can’t be wasted on being sad..but on making it count. Encouraging others, helping others build their faith in Him and bringing as many people to Christ as possible.  THAT is what lasts! So back to my check up appointment!  I was waiting in the lobby and Dr. Marc Lazare saw me and said…oh you can go back to see her now… I was a little confused and then I realized he didn’t know I was there for myself.  An old coworker had just been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and she was there getting a bone marrow biopsy..which I didn’t know about. So I figured it out really quick. He said I could go back and visit her. I was so in awe of God’s perfect timing!  I had made this check up appointment 6 months ago…and by God’s timing…my old coworker was there at the same time.  I got up and went back to see her. I was able to answer her questions about what to expect with port placement, chemo, feelings etc.  I also had the true blessing of praying over her as well. The thing that choked me up the most when I was praying was how grateful I was to God…that He allowed me to have cancer..first…before her.  As I write this I am in tears.  He has allowed me to go before her and also another former coworker who was diagnosed with breast cancer in March.  Isn’t God so good?  Because I went before them and experienced this myself.. I can share in their sufferings… It reminds me of the story of Joseph in Genesis.  If you aren’t familiar with it go to Genesis 37-50.  My favorite verse is in Genesis 50 when Joseph says what was meant for evil GOD turned into good.  I see that in the cancer I was diagnosed with. Satan meant if for evil..a way to harm me, maybe even turn me from my faith BUT God meant it for my good!  I can’t even begin to count the many blessings I have encountered because of the Lymphoma diagnosis.  One of them surely is the great privilege of being able to have gone before others that I care about who have received similar diagnosis and encourage and pray for them.  What are you struggling with today?  Is there a situation that seems hopeless, that doesn’t make sense to you?  You have a can agree with your adversary, the devil, and think that it is for your harm OR you can believe God that He means it for your good. It’s “easier” to be takes an ACTIVE faith to find the good.  I pray you seek out the good. Have a blessed day!

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