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Healthy Snack Ideas

Apple and Almonds

Healthy Snack Ideas Top 10 High Protein/Fiber Snack Ideas (125-200 cal) All are gluten-free. Add as many non-starchy veggies as you like to each meal/snack. Enjoy! 1 apple + 12 raw unsalted almonds Leafy greens (not iceberg) + sliced cucumbers or tomatoes + 1-2oz chicken or turkey + 1 Tbsp homemade or organic dressing (or 1/8 avocado + splash of lime + pinch of sea salt) Protein Oatmeal Cookies (1 banana + 1/2 cup quick oats GF + 1.5 scoops Shakee 180 Smoothee Mix + optional stevia to taste; mash together and separate into cookies, then bake at 350F for 15 minutes, makes 2 snack servings) 1/2 of a smoothie (6oz almond milk or water, 1/2 cup fruit, 1.5 scoops Shaklee 180 Smoothee Mix, 3-4 ice cubes) 1 Clementine orange + Shaklee 180 Snack Bar (or half of a Shaklee 180 Meal Bar) 2 Tbsp hummus dip or homemade guacamole +…


Is Your House Making You Sick?

Is Your House Toxic

Is Your House Making You Sick? Isn’t it hard to believe that your home would be toxic, making you and your family sick? This could be the case though. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that pollution is 2 to 5 times greater indoors than outside!  What are these toxins? How are they getting in to your home and what can you do to protect you and your family? Most of the people don’t know what can cause this, for example they may think that its inside the walls, they replace the walls and install alside vinyl siding. But the problem is usually somewhere else. Radon. Radon is a colorless odorless gas that naturally occurs in soil and rock. It seeps into homes through cracks in foundations or wall joints. Radon is a known cancer causing agent and also a trigger for asthma. It is estimated that Radon is the cause…

Eating Healthy

3 Awesome Opportunities!

Upcoming Events

Hi! I wanted to let you know about some great opportunities in the Warsaw Area!1. KCH Wellness Center is hosting a cooking class at Martin’s Thursday, June 26th, 6-8pm. Topic is Battling Blood Sugar. You will learn how to cook delicious diabetic friendly foods. Cost is ONLY $10 and you get $10 in Martin’s Coupons. How great is that?2. Wanda Cullison, RD is teaching Healthy Living Classes at Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church. Starts this Thursday and goes for 8 weeks. Cost is $56. Register by calling the church office at 574-267-6623. If you are a Shaklee member and you bring 3 friends, your registration fee will be refunded at the end of the series!3.  Healthy Living Challenge. I will be virtually hosting! I know you are busy, life is hectic and figuring out how to be healthy can be overwhelming! So I have taken out the guess work and made it simple for…


Vitamin D, The Sunshine Vitamin

The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D, “The Sunshine Vitamin” Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin because it is manufactured by your skin when it is exposed to the UVB rays from the sun. It does not naturally occur in your body and must come from outside sources like the sun, food and supplements.  According to the US National Center for Disease and Prevention about 67% of Americans are vitamin D deficient. Why is Vitamin D so important? There are many ways that vitamin D is crucial in your body. Vitamin D helps calcium absorption. This is important for bone density and strength. This directly prevents against osteoporosis and fractures. If you have been told to take calcium, pair it with Vitamin D to make it more effective.  Vitamin D helps the immune system to function properly. It regulates how you fight off the common cold and other viral or bacterial infections. Lower…

Eating Healthy

Fresh Summer Salad Recipe

Fresh Summer Salad

Fresh Summer SaladI love summertime. It means I get to eat lots of fresh foods. I made this salad today. I didn’t really measure and the ingredients can change each time I make it. Here’s what this one contains. Diced tomatoes Chunks of fresh mozzarella Avocado Basil Olive oil Salt and pepper I may also add in onions and black olives. It’s best chilled in the fridge for a few hours. Makes a great side dish!Or add grilled chicken to make it a meal.

Eating Healthy

Got Water?


Pump up the volume!  Translation… Stay hydrated and drink more water! Are you trying to kick your soda habit? Have you been told to drink more water but don’t like the flavor? Try a couple of these ideas to spruce up your water and have you thirsty for more!  Fruit Infused Sparkling Water 1 can or bottle of Chilled Sparking waterAdd your favorite frozen fruits. That’s it! Mine has pineapple, strawberries and lemon slicesPerformance Ade 16 oz Filtered water1/2 cup frozen berries or other fruit3 T. Performance orange or lemon limeJuice of half of a lemon or limeHandful of ice cubesMix in blender This will be foamy at first. Let it rest then pour. Great for sports enthusiasts, hanging at the beach or gardeners! Enjoy!

Eating Healthy

The “Skinny” On Fats

Good Or Bad Fat

The “Skinny” On Fats Fat is beneficial! We need it for our bodies to function properly. There are certain vitamins, like D, for example, that need fat to allow it to be absorbed into your body. Fat provides you with a source of energy, gives you healthy skin, hair and nails. Good fats can actually lower your risk for heart disease, cancer, stroke, obesity and decreases cholesterol levels and inflammation. Another great benefit to fat is that it protects your brain from memory loss and dementia.  You may be asking, “If fat is so good for me then why have I been told to eat a low-fat diet?” All fats are not the same. Let’s take a look. There are three basic types of fat, Saturated fats, Trans Fats and Unsaturated Fats. Naturally occurring fats, called Saturated Fats, are found in foods produced from animals. These are easy to identify…

Health Tips

Is Convenience Making You Fat?

Eat Less Crap Eat More Food

Is Convenience Making You Fat? Have you ever thought, Hey, if I’m overweight and I want to get rid of fat, I’ll just eat “low fat” and fix the problem?   Did you go out and buy lots of “low fat” foods? Scale way back on your calories? Buy those little pop in the microwave freezer meals that say “Healthy” all over them?  It seems like that would make sense right? If so, how did that work out for you? Unfortunately, it may have helped for a short period of time but I suspect it failed to produce lifelong lasting results for a healthy weight and healthy body. So what’s the problem?  Here in the US we have an Obesity Epidemic. Obesity is defined by 20% over your ideal weight when you look at a standard height/weight chart and a BMI of greater than 30%. In 1980 it was estimated that 35%…

Health Tips

Who Is In Control Of Your Health?


Have you ever heard yourself say things like, “Well, all the women in my family are overweight.” “All the men in our family had heart attacks by age 50.” “Oh well, you only live once, I’m going to die from something, why not eat whatever I want?” I challenge you to change the way you think about disease, illness and health! Instead of being a passive bystander and allow your family’s heritage to dictate your life, I encourage you to take control of your own health. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke are among the top leading causes of death in the U.S. Here are some staggering facts from a Time Magazine article: 80% of all heart disease, 90% of Type 2 Diabetes and 60% of all cancers are preventable if avoiding questionable medicines (read more at In fact, according to the American Cancer Society only 5% to 10%…