Breath Of Life Ministries – Haiti

Haiti-Expectant Mother Class

Breath Of Life Ministries – Haiti

I had an amazing experience there. I accompanied Ashley Stills from Breath of Life Ministries to Haiti. One of the things we did on our trip was teach nutrition, prenatal care and fetal development to some expectant Haitian moms.  The thing that stunned me about these moms were that they had almost no education on these topics. It literally brought me to tears when I realized most of the information I was giving them, they had never heard before. They were so hungry for the information we presented. It was such a blessing to see the moms so excited about hearing their baby’s heartbeat and learning about how their baby was growing inside of them.
The infant mortality rate in the US is 5 deaths per 1000 births vs. Haiti is 51/1000. The maternal mortality rate in the US is 27 deaths per 100,000 births vs. Haiti 420/100,000. Our goal is to equip and empower these women with the education and resources they need to deliver healthier babies. One of our many hopes is to see these mortality rates improve.
So if this is a column about Healthy Living, why am I talking about my trip to Haiti?
One, because it has been consuming my mind. I saw such poverty and devastation, and yetHaiti-Expectant Mother Class-Kim I saw beautiful women who are resourceful with what they have and survive in harsh conditions. I admire them. Secondly, It’s amazing how blessed we are with resources in the US for food and health care but at times we take those for granted and make terrible choices concerning our health that affect our future. Thirdly, as I reflect on this trip I have been overwhelmed with the realization of how much impact one person can have on another. It is so rewarding and “healthy” to invest in the life of someone else.  I say take every opportunity you can to make a difference and do good. We were able to speak about new life to these moms but also speak life into their circumstances, giving them hope for a better future. Isn’t that what life is about? Loving on and investing in other people. Man, that has to give you joy, a positive attitude and improve your health!
If you would like to learn more or see pictures from our trip visit Breath of Life Ministries Facebook page.

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