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Chicken Rice and Veggie Soup Recipe

Chicken Veggie Rice Soup

Chicken Rice and Veggie Soup


1 Bone in Chicken breast (or leg quarter)
4 cup chicken broth (I had some frozen from cooking whole chickens in the crock pot for other meals)
1 cup cooked Basmati Rice
2 T. Chicken soup base
Mixed veggies (I used 3/4 cup of dry vegetable mix from bulk food store and also added diced zucchini and mushrooms)


Cook Chicken in chicken broth in a crock pot on high for 4 hours.  Remove chicken and de-bone.  Cut up chicken in pieces and put back into crock pot.  Add rice, soup base and veggies to crock pot. Add 1 to 2 cups water depending on how rich you want your broth. Cook on low for 1 hour.

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