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Cultured Vegetable Recipe

Cultured Veggies

Cultured Vegetable Recipe

Cut up some vegetables. You can chop them into chunks, strips or shave them on a cheese grater. It’s up to you how you do it.

Vegetable ideas are cabbage, celery, onion, carrots.
I also add chopped cloves of garlic.
  • Mix them all in a large plastic bowl. 
  • Have a glass jar with wide mouth. I use quart mason jars.
  • Fill  with the veggies, pack them in.
  • Then pour a brine mixture over veggies. To make the brine you use filtered water Cultured Vegetablesand add 1-3 T of sea salt per quart of water. 
  • I then put a cabbage leaf on top of the veggies and brine. This helps keep them packed in. 
  • Loosely put the lid on your jar. As they ferment they will seep fluid. I place the jars on a jelly roll pan and put them in a warm area, like on top of the dryer. 
After about a week the veggies should be ready. You can store them in the refrigerator to slow down the fermenting process.
It is good to eat a little of the cultured veggies with your meals to aid in the digestion process.

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