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Disappointments, Temptations and Obstacles, Oh My!

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Disappointments, Temptations and Obstacles, Oh My!

I mean really, have you ever just been doing “all the right things”, and it just doesn’t seem to be making a difference? Is it losing weight, exercising or mending a relationship? Here’s what happens, you get all excited, make lists, make plans, have a positive, “I got this thing” kind of attitude. It works well for a couple weeks, then..temptation, resistance.  If your goal is losing weight, you’re tempted with a cupcake at work. You think to yourself, “Well, I haveTempted eaten well for 2 weeks, this one cupcake isn’t going to kill me!”  Your goal is to walk every morning, then, one day you wake up and it is raining. Well you certainly don’t want to get out in the rain, and that darn treadmill is so boring, you hit snooze and go back to bed.  You are mending a relationship with a friend, you’ve reached out, been supportive and  they cancel your coffee date, again. Do you take it personal, take offense and say,” well it’s not worth it anyway?” You can set out to have a goal and plan all the right actions, but do you ever plan for disappointments, temptations or obstacles?  Knowing what to do when hard times come is the key to your success.  Being overweight, out of shape or having fractured relationships didn’t happen overnight. Little bit, by little bit it was a series of compromises, poor choices and replacing truth with lies. Lies about yourself, your worth and your abilities. Lies about how that food will affect your health. Lies that just this one time..won’t lead to a second, third or forth time.
It is good to gather information, learn about healthy choices or how to have healthy relationships. It’s even better to put that information in to practice. What is best is that you also plan in advance how you will handle temptation, frustration and the hard times.
How do you do that?
  1. Recognize that obstacles are part of the process. You have to know that 100% of the time if you are moving in the right direction that you WILL have resistance. 
  2. Have an accountability partner. You need someone in your corner you can go to when these hard times arise. I recently read the book, Made to Crave. In it the author shared some stats on the probability of achieving a goal… 10% when you hear an idea (i.e. I need to lose weight),  40% when you decide to do it, 50% when you make a plan, 65% when you commit to another person you will do it and 95% success rate when you actually meet with that accountability partner. Being accountable to someone else isn’t a sign of weakness. It means you are wise and understand you need to share your mistakes or temptations and celebrate your successes. 
  3. Develop a plan on how you will deal with your obstacles and temptations. Will you text your accountability partner? Will you pray? Will you stock the fridge at work with healthy snack options that you can choose instead of that cupcake? Will you go for a walk in the rain or have a back up exercise video you will do instead?
Take the time this week to think about one of the goals you are working on right now. GOALSMake a list of all the obstacles and temptations that could arise along your journey.  Beside each one come up with how you are going to handle that problem when it happens.  Keep that list with you and refer to it as often as you need to.
Just so you know I needed this article just as much as you.  I understand how it can be to go against the grain, do the hard stuff or make a lifestyle change. My challenge to you is that you don’t see yourself as a victim but as a victor. You have the ability to choose how you will see the obstacles that stand in your way.  I want to encourage you that there is a reward waiting for you at the end of whatever good thing you are working towards, if you just don’t give up.

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