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Heart Disease is the #1 Killer in men and women in the US!

Heart Disease #1 Killer

I will NOT leave you without HOPE though!

The American Heart Association says that 80% of all heart disease is PREVENTABLE!

Go back and re read that last statement.  That means that YOU have a lot of CONTROL over your heart health!

It CAN be confusing and overwhelming! You can get tons of BAD information along the way!

Let’s keep it simple and learn what you can do to protect your heart!

Myself, Kim Waggoner, Registered Nurse and Wanda Cullison, Registered Dietitian will be tag teaming to host Healthy Heart Events!

We will also featuring the Shaklee Smart Heart Regimens at 30% OFF!

SmartHeart Blood Pressure Reg

And teaching you how you can incorporate SAFE supplementation in your nutrition plan!

WEAR RED for extra discounts!


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3 Dates, 3 Locations but same message!

Tuesday, February  24th 7pm  in  Etna Green, IN

Wednesday, February 25th 7pm in Warsaw, IN

Saturday, February 28th 1pm in Bourbon, IN

RSVP below to get address details.

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