Cancer Journey

What in the heck does Kim Waggoner do?

Have you ever just been the little bit curious what in the heck I do?  I mean you may see my healthy living posts or even that video of me drinking my own window cleaner. Sometimes I want you to try a bucket of cleaners or come to try out some gluten free foods at a Gluten Free Sharing Event. Oh then there is that dreaded post announcing it is time for the weekly weigh in I host.

So they say..curiosity killed the cat! And my goodness, I certainly don’t want that to happen! Sooo let’s get together! I’d love to share what started me on this journey to healthy living and why I feel it’s my mission to come along side others to encourage and inspire them to live healthy, happy, hopeful lives!

I want to hear from you! What are your struggles?Your fears? What is going great and what is not!
When you schedule your health consult with me from now until February 28th. I will donate $10 to Project Hope Cancer Care Paks. This provides newly diagnosed cancer patients with nutritional products and more!
So what are you waiting for? 60-90% of all health conditions(cancer, diabetes, heart disease) are PREVENTABLE with good nutrition and proper supplementation.

Getting healthy can be OVERWHELMING!! You are bombarded with lots of information and don’t know what to believe or where to start.

You ask questions like..well aren’t all vitamins the same? HowWellDoYouUnderstandtheShakleeDifference
Why does this fish oil cost more than the Buy One Get One Free at Walmart?
Isn’t the low fat or diet version better for me? (Its NOT)
Don’t I have to spend hours in the gym and starve myself to lose weight?
Why can’t I lose my belly fat?
And that is only the beginning, as you dig deeper you can get more and more confused, some people rather just don’t purchase organic products since they could have toxic, and rather grow they own garden, by preparing the land and getting the Master AAA Fence to build them a fence around it so it safe.

Let me help! I can break it down and make it SIMPLE!  There are only 2 things you need to focus on when it comes to your health. What are they?  Let’s talk

I only have a limited number of time slots available! So hurry and get your consult scheduled today!

Here’s to a healthier YOU in 2015.

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