January Jumpstart!

I'm In For 10!

January Jumpstart!

Have you made the New Years Resolution to lose weight this year?
If so how much do you want to lose? 20 pounds? 30 pounds? 50 pounds or more?What Do You Want To Lose
Setting a big goal, like losing weight, can be overwhelming!
I want to help you break it down into small, simple steps that you can celebrate and see success.
Your success will not always be measured by the numbers on the scale but it is one way to measure that you are on track!
Why not start with making the commitment to lose 10 pounds!
Join my January Jumpstart Group!
This is for you if you want to
-Commit to dropping 10lbs and a pant size
-Are coachable and can follow simple proven steps for healthy weight loss
-Don’t want to have to do crazy high impact exercise
-Be accountable and join others with similar weight loss goals
What you will get!
-Customizable program that tastes great!
-Coaching calls
-Access to private Facebook group to connect with others
-Weekly check-ins. In person or virtual
-Weight loss tips
-Free smart phone app for tracking meals and exercise
-Entries to win free weekly prizes
Start your new year off by declaring “I’m in for 10” and join January Jumpstart!weight loss challenge
Fill out the form below and you will be contacted within 1 business day!
Cost varies on what program you choose. AND if you join by January 31st with one of the top 3 programs I recommend you will get 7 FREE Protein Meal Bars!
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