Losing That Last 10 Pounds!

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A friend said she was struggling with losing “the last 10 pounds”. Here is my reply to her..hope it may help anyone else who is struggling with the same problem.

Ahhh the last 10’s always the hardest it seems..ok so I will throw some ideas out at you.. I realize you may or may not already be doing some of these but they are what I find most helpful for people.
1. NOOOOOO SODA! Especially NO DIET soda.
2. Avoid artificial sweetners (one reason no diet soda) but also look at things like crystal light etc. they disrupt hormones making it harder to lose weight.
3. Journal/Log EVERYTHING you put in your mouth.. either on paper or on an online site like or– and share it with someone..(accountability partner) (I use a Shaklee 180 app on my iPhone..every time I log I get entered into a prize drawing for free stuff!)
4. Get SLEEP!  I would love to tell you 8 hours a night…I know you are laughing at me right now..but try to be consistent as you can with a bedtime and getting up schedule.
5. Drink clean water… you prob already do.. but half your weight in ounces.  160 lbs = 80 oz of water.
6. DAY OF REST..meaning no workouts/stress/etc.. give your body a break.
7.  I like these  I get them free with my Shaklee Lean & Healthy

Healthy Weight
Your Weight Loss Goal Should Be To Reach A Healthy Weight For You, Not What Everyone Else Thinks Your Goal Should Be.

kit but I think they also have a monthly fee..maybe a free trial.

8. Protein! Goal is to keep your muscle…muscle = burn more calories. I use Shaklee 180 Smoothies and/or bars. They contain Leucine..Shaklee’s combination has proven that 0% of muscle mass was lost while losing weight vs up to 50% with conventional diets.
Good Luck and Here’s to your Health!

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