Pamper Yourself! FREE Valentine’s Day Gift!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I thought I would show you some LOVE!!

TODAY ONLY! If you purchase and Enfuselle Skin Therapy Kit {dry or oily skin types) YOU will get to choose between 2 free gifts!

IF you haven’t used this skin care line yet you DON’T know what you are missing.

When I started using this regimen, I had people start commenting on my skin and ask me what I was using! I just glowed!

Enfuselle infuses vitamins into your skin!

Check out these before and after photos!

enfuselle before after


The thing I love about this skin care line is that you don’t have to wait months to see results! In about 10 days or less my clients can’t believe the difference it makes in their skin.

So what about the freebies?

You can choose to  receive a free box of Shaklee 180 Energy Tea!

You can choose from Pomegranate or Green Tea Matcha!

That is 28 servings of healthy energy! Curbs your appetite and puts a little pep in your step! Great for those afternoons when you need more umph to get you through your day!


You can choose a bottle of Stress Relief Complex as your free gift!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the pressures and tasks on your plate? Stress Relief Complex will help that wave of tension disappear without leaving you tired! Instead you will have more focus without the stress!

This special is for current Kim Waggoner Health Shaklee Membership clients OR new clients without a current Shaklee membership account (which you will get for free with the Skin Care Kit)

You may order on your own personal shopping page, HERE or by contacting me at

Your free gift will be shipped out with your next order or for pick up at Kim Waggoner Health home offices. I will be in contact for how it will work for you after you place your order.




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