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40,000 Pound Challenge
Want to help set a record?  Shaklee has decided to set the record for the most weight lost by a company or group.  The challenge is to lose 40,000 pounds by March!   Whew!  We can do it too, if we will each work on losing 10 pounds.   That’s not much, but since statistics show the average American gains 7 pounds over the holidays, most of us have recently acquired some weight that we need to lose.
The challenge starts January 10th, and ends March 31st.  We are going to set up our own private Facebook group, to provide support, encouragement, tips, and accountability.  For those in the Warsaw, Indiana area, we will have weekly weigh-ins and measurements as well.  For those in other locations, you can still be a part of the Facebook group.  And if you grab a couple of friends or family members to join with you, you can have your own local support group as well.
Tuesday evenings there will be a conference call hosted by Dr. Jamie McManus with tips for us all, and I will be posting nutrition tips for the Facebook group as well.
To get us jumpstarted, the challenge includes the use of a Turnaround Kit, a Lean and Healthy Kit or a Smoothee Kit. For local folks, you can come sample the products this Saturday, January 3rd from 10-noon at 124 Cherry Street in Etna Green, IN.   For orders submitted by January 10th, Shaklee has extra product promos available, including free meal bars and free smoothee packets.  See additional information at, or reply to this email for more clarification.
Jackie McCoy
If you are “in”, be sure to let me know so we can include your participation in Shaklee’s records and invite you to our own private Facebook group!
This is not just about losing some weight.  It’s about getting healthier.   I met with someone recently who had worked hard to lose 60 pounds, not with the Shaklee 180 program.  How sad to find out that they had lost 60 pounds, but 30 of those pounds were muscle, leaving them in no better health than when they started!  With the Shaklee 180 program, ALL your muscle mass is preserved, leaving you leaner and healthier when you are finished!!

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