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Reality Check!

Reality Check!

Written Oct 5, 2012 11:37am

It’s amazing what I can forget in just a few short 6 months!   I had my maintenance chemo treatment on Tuesday. That day usually leaves me feeling pretty mellow..the Benadryl I am given does that.  I shared  Wednesday on Facebook how having steroids in my system and 2 cups of coffee on an empty stomach jump started my day!  I went through Wednesday feeling pretty great.  Thursday not so bad either! In fact, I was starting to say to I feel really awesome..why was I dreading these chemo treatments again??  Then Thursday eve at my daughters volleyball game I started to remember…the steroid high…and the steroid low!  It was like a switch went off and all that energy I had just left my body in an instant.  Today I covered for the school nurse for an hour. It was then I was fully reminded that I am not invisible. Darn! So here I am remembering the cycle of how treatments go.  On Thursday, feeling like a million bucks I had today all planned out. School nurse, visit with a friend, laundry, baking, planning a party.(only #1 got done on today’s list) Today I was given a reality check that I have limitations.  Most of my life I have been in control of what happens…I am a planner and thrive on checking things off my list. It makes me feel productive. Like I had a purpose for the day. On days like today I am reminded that I am actually NOT in control. God is.  It’s days like today that He pulls me off on to the sideline and says, “Enough is enough! Slow down and rest!”  So I am listening today. Curled up in bed..listening to my audio bible. I hear the sweet words of the Lord in Isaiah… I know now why I needed this day to refresh, relax and be reminded of God’s love for me.  It shouldn’t always take putting me on the sidelines to take a “Sabbath”, a day of rest.  I want to encourage you today as rest, take time to refresh and renew your body and spirit.  It is in these times that my faith is built and prepare me for what might lie ahead in the future. Have a blessed weekend with your families!

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