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Got Water? How To Stay Hydrated.

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Got Water? Your body is made up 60 to 70% water. So as you can see your body depends on it to maintain life. It helps your organs to function properly, flushes out toxins and waste, keeps your skin looking young and healthy. Water helps regulate your body temperature. It is such an essential part of a healthy life. How do you lose water?  Your body will lose hydration just by functioning normally. Breathing, sweating and using the restroom cause you to lose water. There are situations where you lose more than normal. For example, hotter outside temperatures, exercising or experiencing illness, such as vomiting, can cause you to become dehydrated fast.  Medications that are used for chronic health conditions like high blood pressure can also cause you to lose more fluids. Are you dehydrated? Dehydration can be considered mild to severe. It depends on the signs that you exhibit….


Is Your House Making You Sick?

Is Your House Toxic

Is Your House Making You Sick? Isn’t it hard to believe that your home would be toxic, making you and your family sick? This could be the case though. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that pollution is 2 to 5 times greater indoors than outside!  What are these toxins? How are they getting in to your home and what can you do to protect you and your family? Most of the people don’t know what can cause this, for example they may think that its inside the walls, they replace the walls and install alside vinyl siding. But the problem is usually somewhere else. Radon. Radon is a colorless odorless gas that naturally occurs in soil and rock. It seeps into homes through cracks in foundations or wall joints. Radon is a known cancer causing agent and also a trigger for asthma. It is estimated that Radon is the cause…