Cancer Journey

I am thankful for a cancer diagnosis.


I am thankful for a cancer diagnosis. Good morning! Hope your Thanksgiving was a great time to connect with family and friends and recount why you are thankful. I am thankful that on March 9th, 2010 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma. Does it sound strange that I am so thankful for receiving a stage 4 cancer diagnosis? It may, but it’s true. Right from the beginning God worked in my heart to see cancer as a blessing and not a curse. The months following that diagnosis were filled with fears, anxieties but HOPE always won out. His promised always proved true. Here are some of the biggest lessons I learned. 1. Perspective. With only God’s help I was able to see a cancer diagnosis as a way to grow in my faith, allow God to love on me and choose to not complain or say, “why me?” Instead…


Does God Answer Prayer?

Does God Answer Prayers?

“God will always answer your prayers. Just sometimes it won’t be the answer you were looking for.” I just saw this tweet and it caused me to reflect on how true that statement is.  I thought about times that I prayed, begged God for the answers I wanted. Upon not receiving the “right” answer, I would feel frustrated or anxious, running around in circles trying to fix my problem or make my own new plan/solution. I would spend hours, days, weeks or even months obsessing or fretting over an issue because I didn’t think God heard or answered my prayer. Over time His Master Plan would unfold and I would learn that God had protected me from harm or provided for me in a way that was incredibly more than I could have ever dreamed up for myself. One example is my divorce, singleness and remarriage. I had a rough…

Cancer Journey

Final chemo treatment

Final chemo treatment Written Oct. 22, 2012 This past week went amazingly well. I had looked back in my online calendar that I “charted” during my treatments 6 months ago and noticed a supplement that I had taken during chemo that I left out this time. I started taking it Monday eve and I did so much better. No nausea at all, no leg aches and very little fatigue!  I am so thankful for a better week!  So tonight I am wide awake! I have laid in bed for an hour…trying to sleep…I should know better. This journal entry has been in my head most of the day and I have been putting it off…because sometimes I just don’t want to experience the emotions that will come with it. BUT I know how God speaks…and He won’t let me rest until I write. Last week at chemo the nurses mentioned…

Cancer Journey

The Everlasting God

The Everlasting God   This past week has been more physically challenging.  Increased nausea, tiredness and achy   I feel more aware of it today.  I had a friend just stop this evening. I mentioned my symptoms to her. She began to pray over me, using God’s Word…my tears started to flow. It’s amazing how The Word of God can cut through and minister to a person’s soul.  As she prayed all I could hear was, “you are the Everlasting God, You do not grow faint, You don’t grow weary!”  Oh how faint, weak and weary I can be.  Even sometimes, I accept it and stay there stuck…thinking about my symptoms or other circumstances in life.  BUT when I choose to speak God’s Word, remind myself of who HE is…then the healing comes! I am so grateful for a God who is SO faithful to me-even to send someone over at 9pm…

Cancer Journey

God Blows My Mind!

God Blows My Mind! I continue to be amazed at God’s faithfulness and timing!  I had a chemo treatment yesterday.  Before treatment I am always praying that God might bring someone into my treatment room that I can minister to.  He did it yesterday!  I was able to have a roommate who was struggling with physical symptoms from chemo.  As I was plastered to my recliner in my Benadryl stupor, the Lord kept saying…pray for her. So I asked if I could and she said yes. So I took a few minutes to share my story/testimony and prayed over her.  I was glad that I was able to help and felt like God answered my prayer. BUT then a visitor stopped in who knew the woman in the chair next to me to say hi to her. She also looked at me and said that she saw me before and…

Cancer Journey

Reality Check!

Reality Check! Written Oct 5, 2012 11:37am It’s amazing what I can forget in just a few short 6 months!   I had my maintenance chemo treatment on Tuesday. That day usually leaves me feeling pretty mellow..the Benadryl I am given does that.  I shared  Wednesday on Facebook how having steroids in my system and 2 cups of coffee on an empty stomach jump started my day!  I went through Wednesday feeling pretty great.  Thursday not so bad either! In fact, I was starting to say to I feel really awesome..why was I dreading these chemo treatments again??  Then Thursday eve at my daughters volleyball game I started to remember…the steroid high…and the steroid low!  It was like a switch went off and all that energy I had just left my body in an instant.  Today I covered for the school nurse for an hour. It was then I was fully…

Cancer Journey

6 month check up September 25,2012

6 month check up September 25,2012 Written Oct 3, 2012 7:02am Had a pre-chemo 6 month check up last week with lab draw. That went well. It was just routine..but what happened before my appointment made me again in awe of God’s perfect timing and confirmation of one of His many calls on my life.  I don’t know if you have read all of my earlier journal entries or not. One of the first things that I heard God tell me after my diagnosis two and one-half years ago…is that I had a choice!  I could choose to cry, complain and be depressed about the Lymphoma diagnosis OR I could see that I was chosen to have cancer. God ENTRUSTED me with that that I could use it for HIS purpose! I chose the latter.  Why? Because I trust Him! I know this life is only fleeting and what…

Cancer Journey


Written Dec 29, 2010 1:42pm For those of you that know my dad, Richard was diagnosed with Esophageal cancer a week after I was diagnosed with Lymphoma this March…. Richard passed away this morning and went to be with Jesus at 12:43 am.  We spent the evening gathered around him, singing old hymns, holding his hands and telling him how much we loved him and how Jesus was waiting for him to come Home.  What a blessing to know that he is now at peace…we figure he’s probably already got his “red tractor” picked out in Heaven or he’s out chasing after ducks! The viewing will be Sunday, January 2nd from 2-4pm and 6-8pm at King’s Memorial Home in Mentone, IN and the funeral will be Monday, January 3rd at 1030 am at the Etna Green United Methodist Church in Etna Green, IN. We thank you all so much for your prayers, cards,…

Cancer Journey

Brag On The Lord

Written Oct 12, 2010 8:27pm “Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness.  Let the whole world know what He has done.”  Psalm 105:1 I am giving thanks for a negative PET scan, Salvation, the gift of life and the blessing of my family. Please join me in bragging on the Lord.  Post something you are thankful for in my guestbook. Medical update….  I continue to feel better!  I have labs and see Dr Goksel on the 25th of this month to discuss maintenance planning and the future. Love Kim