Eating Healthy

What’s In Your Shake?


What’s In Your Shake? Lots of people are using shakes and supplements like Var 10 for lots of things lately…weight loss, weight gain, building muscle, a quick-convenient meal, a healthy alternative to junky snacks, and on and on. But is the shake you’re using actually good for what you’re using it for? Will the shake you’ve chosen really help you accomplish your goals? First of all, is your shake full of artificial this and that? Artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, etc. actually prevent you from losing weight and they make your body think it needs to store food for later….but your body stores it as FAT! Isn’t that what you’re trying to get rid of? Hmm. What about GMO’s? Maybe this is important to you, maybe it’s not, but shouldn’t you at least have the information to be able to make your own choice if you want to? Obviously GMO labeling…