Eating Healthy

Healthy Fruit Dip Recipe

Fruit Dip 3

Healthy Fruit Dip I made this fruit dip for my Local Summer Slim Down weigh in clients to sample this week. Everyone that tried it, loved it! When I teach clients about healthy snacking, I always say to pair a protein and a veggie or fruit. For example, the natural sugars in fruit will give a quick burst of energy and the fiber and protein will help sustain it by keeping blood sugars regulated. Examples would be apples paired with this Healthy Fruit Dip,  Hand-full of walnuts and berries, string cheese and an orange. Other examples of healthy snack pairings would be things like carrots, celery with hummus or banana and Natural Almond butter. More healthy snack ideas can be found HERE. Now on to this super simple recipe! 1/2 cup Plain greek yogurt 1 T Natural Peanut Butter (the oil on top kind, my fav is Schmuckers) 1 tsp Raw…

Eating Healthy

Chocolate, Raspberry Delight

Chocolate, Raspberry Delight

Chocolate, Raspberry Delight Recipe This is another “Eat Your Smoothie” Recipe. Ingredients: Siggs Raspberry Greek Yogurt – 1 Container 1 scoop Shaklee 180 Chocolate Smoothee Mix 1 TBS Milk (Cashew, Rice, Almond…whichever is your favorite) Several Frozen Red Raspberries 6 Chopped Pecans Directions: Mix Yogurt, Smoothee Mix and Milk in bowl. Sprinkle Frozen Raspberries and Pecans on top. Optional: You can add a drop or two of chocolate Stevia for a richer, chocolate flavor. Calories: 250 Protein: 23 grams Great for a breakfast or light lunch! Add a salad for more of a meal.

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Smoothie in a Bowl Recipe

Smoothie In A Bowl

Sometimes I “eat” my smoothie instead of drink it. Especially if I am having it for lunch like I did today after church. This is my favorite but you can mix up the yogurt flavor, fruit, lime instead of lemon etc. to make it custom to your tastes. 1 container of Siggs Coconut yogurt 1 scoop of Shaklee 180 Vanilla Smoothee Protein mix Generous squeeze of fresh lemon Mix that together Top with several blueberries and granola with sliced almonds This is so good! With Siggs yogurt about 13 grams of protein and 1 scoop of Shaklee 180 protein at 8 grams of protein, this is a great option as main course for any meal! Enjoy! Let me know your variations and favorite recipe combos!


Be A Part Of Something Bigger By Getting Smaller!

40,000 Pound Challenge

Want to help set a record?  Shaklee has decided to set the record for the most weight lost by a company or group.  The challenge is to lose 40,000 pounds by March!   Whew!  We can do it too, if we will each work on losing 10 pounds.   That’s not much, but since statistics show the average American gains 7 pounds over the holidays, most of us have recently acquired some weight that we need to lose. Set the Record with Jacqui McCoy The challenge starts January 10th, and ends March 31st.  We are going to set up our own private Facebook group, to provide support, encouragement, tips, and accountability.  For those in the Warsaw, Indiana area, we will have weekly weigh-ins and measurements as well.  For those in other locations, you can still be a part of the Facebook group.  And if you grab a couple of friends or family members to join…


Losing That Last 10 Pounds!

Weigh in

A friend said she was struggling with losing “the last 10 pounds”. Here is my reply to her..hope it may help anyone else who is struggling with the same problem. Ahhh the last 10’s always the hardest it seems..ok so I will throw some ideas out at you.. I realize you may or may not already be doing some of these but they are what I find most helpful for people. 1. NOOOOOO SODA! Especially NO DIET soda. 2. Avoid artificial sweetners (one reason no diet soda) but also look at things like crystal light etc. they disrupt hormones making it harder to lose weight. 3. Journal/Log EVERYTHING you put in your mouth.. either on paper or on an online site like or– and share it with someone..(accountability partner) (I use a Shaklee 180 app on my iPhone..every time I log I get entered into a prize drawing for free stuff!) 4. Get…