Is Your Gut Healthy?

Health Starts In Your Gut

Is Your Gut Healthy? Something that doesn’t get much attention but has a huge impact on your health is your gut. Your digestive system is made of of several parts but what I am referring to when I say “gut” is your small and large intestines. They play a huge role in your over all health, affecting how you eliminate toxins and wastes as well as how well your immune system functions. Your small and large intestine are also responsible for absorbing nutrients from your food. Many people suffer from digestive problems like heartburn, acid reflux, irritable bowel or chronic constipation. These are only a few signs of an unhealthy gut. Other symptoms can include frequent colds, infections, food allergies, auto immune disorders or skin problems like acne, rashes and eczema. In children, colic and poor sleeping patterns may be a sign of an unhealthy gut. Your gut is a…

Eating Healthy

Cultured Vegetable Recipe

Cultured Veggies

Cultured Vegetable Recipe Cut up some vegetables. You can chop them into chunks, strips or shave them on a cheese grater. It’s up to you how you do it. Vegetable ideas are cabbage, celery, onion, carrots. I also add chopped cloves of garlic. Mix them all in a large plastic bowl.  Have a glass jar with wide mouth. I use quart mason jars. Fill  with the veggies, pack them in. Then pour a brine mixture over veggies. To make the brine you use filtered water and add 1-3 T of sea salt per quart of water.  I then put a cabbage leaf on top of the veggies and brine. This helps keep them packed in.  Loosely put the lid on your jar. As they ferment they will seep fluid. I place the jars on a jelly roll pan and put them in a warm area, like on top of the…

Eating Healthy

Got Water?


Pump up the volume!  Translation… Stay hydrated and drink more water! Are you trying to kick your soda habit? Have you been told to drink more water but don’t like the flavor? Try a couple of these ideas to spruce up your water and have you thirsty for more!  Fruit Infused Sparkling Water 1 can or bottle of Chilled Sparking waterAdd your favorite frozen fruits. That’s it! Mine has pineapple, strawberries and lemon slicesPerformance Ade 16 oz Filtered water1/2 cup frozen berries or other fruit3 T. Performance orange or lemon limeJuice of half of a lemon or limeHandful of ice cubesMix in blender This will be foamy at first. Let it rest then pour. Great for sports enthusiasts, hanging at the beach or gardeners! Enjoy!

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Who Is In Control Of Your Health?


Have you ever heard yourself say things like, “Well, all the women in my family are overweight.” “All the men in our family had heart attacks by age 50.” “Oh well, you only live once, I’m going to die from something, why not eat whatever I want?” I challenge you to change the way you think about disease, illness and health! Instead of being a passive bystander and allow your family’s heritage to dictate your life, I encourage you to take control of your own health. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke are among the top leading causes of death in the U.S. Here are some staggering facts from a Time Magazine article: 80% of all heart disease, 90% of Type 2 Diabetes and 60% of all cancers are preventable if avoiding questionable medicines (read more at In fact, according to the American Cancer Society only 5% to 10%…